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    How to SCRIPT warp stabilizer

    jodaboda1 Level 1

      Hi.  I'm annoyed at using Premiere Pro's Warp Stablizer, because I have a lot of clips in a sequence, and I have to click "Analyze" for each one, then wait for it to do that, then repeat with each clip.  I would like to write a script to load a single 1080p clip into AE, Warp Stabilize (analyze + apply), then save as new 720p file.


      Does anyone know the script reference/jargon for Warp Stabilizer?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Ask on the scripts forum. The link is on the Forum landing page.


          If I had AE with me I'd take a look at the Extended Script Tool Kit....


          There might be a script already written.


          If you need to stabilize all of the clips in your project maybe you should be annoyed with the person that shot the footage.