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    Feed back for a user

    adam000 Level 1
      I'm trying to figure out how to give the user of our computer based training product feed back after they do something.
      This works for the user to type in a phrase and if it's correct when they press enter the will continue to the next frame. What I would like to happen is if they don't type in the right phrase then a message will display telling them to try again and give them the answer if they still don't get it. I can't figure out how to attach that to the code I have so far.

      Here is the code that I have...



      myListener = new Object();

      myListener.onKeyDown = function () {
      var mykey = Key.getAscii();
      var myans = new String();
      var myhint = new String();
      myhint = hint_txt.text;
      myans = answer_txt.text;
      myans = myans.toLowerCase();
      if (mykey == 9 && myans == "abc123") {