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    Why does exported video stutter/jerky in Quicktime playback (using motion keyframing)?


      Premiere CS6 (trial) trying to get away from Pinnacle.  Imported psd file with several layers; including background layer and several tiff (transparency) layers with text.  I keyframed the tiff layers to appear on screen from out of frame at various times for a 35 second video clip.  Layers are 1920x1080.  Tried several exports...mp4 1080p, mov 1080i, mov 1080p (used pull down progressive option), H.264 (1080p), and others.  Exported video clip stutters/jerky with Quicktime player 7.2.  Does ok with WMP, but not perfect.  Video exported in 29.97 fps.  CPU: i7 core, Windows 7, 8GB RAM.  Need more info?  PLEASE HELP!


      Edit:  I assume that psd transparency layers are  tiff after import?  Maybe they are png?  I've also tried more than one cpu to playback.