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    The new Adobe Exchange and Lightroom?

    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

      Will the new Adobe Exchange support Lightroom plugins?  Has anyone checked it out yet?


      Dear Adobe Partner,

      We wrote to you recently as you have one or more products on the Adobe Exchange website: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm

      In late September we intend to rebrand this site as ‘Adobe Exchange Classic’ in order to differentiate it from our new offering at https://www.adobeexchange.com

      As well as being available on the web, the new Adobe Exchange is available as a panel in various Creative Suite 6 applications, it offers numerous benefits over Exchange Classic.

      If you would like to try out the new Adobe Exchange, simply complete this short form to register for the prerelease program. This will allow you to submit unlimited public (both free and paid-for) or private products while the prerelease program is running. It's a great opportunity to try it out, ask questions on the forums and help us tune the offering to match your needs.


      What is the new Adobe Exchange?

      Adobe Exchange is a new service we are launching alongside Creative Suite 6 and soon Creative Cloud. It is designed to overcome issues that many Adobe partners have identified. While we provide tools to help you create Extensions with products like CS Extension Builder, the sale, distribution and tracking of those products was left down to you and that also made it difficult for customers to find and potentially purchase your products. We have created a panel that works inside most of the Creative Suite 6 applications allowing users to browse, search and buy directly from within the CS application. We also have public Web pages and are currently working on the ability to purchase products via the Web, in addition to the panel. We invite you to create CS6 compatible content and products that can be made available on Adobe Exchange. Over time the products available and the capabilities will grow substantially but this is your chance to be there from the beginning.

      What you need to do

      1. 1. Simply complete the short form here in order to be signed up for the Adobe Exchange (codename Agora) prerelease program:


      1. 2. Submit your products to the new Adobe Exchange.

      We look forward to welcoming you to the Adobe Agora Prerelease Program.