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    How do I import multiple audio tracks?


      Hi there...


      I have a number of video files that have multiple audio tracks in them. The problem is I can not work out how to get prem to see multiple audio tracks. The files import fine and I have also tried various other formates with multi-track audio.. but only audio "stream 1" is visible in prem.


      What I was hoping is that the video would come in with a 2 audio tracks instead of 1 each in its own "lane".. so I can then use the mixer and the audio files are  linked to the video file and in perfect sync.. (just like when you import with 1 track)


      NOTE: I am not talking about channels.. but complete 2 completely different audio tracks.. and I know that I could extract these audio streams into wavs and then re-sync them but this seams overkill and a duplication of effort... surly there is a way to have prem support more than 1 audio track on a video file?