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    Workaround for installing Flash Player on Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich


      Hello all,


      I know that this is not supported solution by Adobe, but I managed to install Flash Player from Google Play on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" device running Android ICS 4.0.4.


      Here's what I did:

      - Installed SWF Player - Flash ®FileViewer from Google Play and started it

      - As the SWF Player - Flash ®FileViewer required Flash Player, it referred me to Google Play Flash Player download page.

      - Download and installation of Flash Player was from there a usual process of installing an app.

      - I could not see Flash Player in the Google Play installed items list, but it is listed in the internal installed programs list. Flash content runs in the default browser and there is a settings icon in the apps list.


      Everything may not work, I don't know this as of yet but hey..at least something, rather than nothing, works. So far so good.



      Jaakko J.