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    CS6 appears to be applying two monitor profiles

    rogleale Level 2

      Running CS6. 13.0.1 on a Windows 7 64 System. Using two monitors, the main one, an LG Flatron, is calibrated using an Eye One Display 2 and the second display is using the makers supplied profile.

      This problem only started recently, nothing has been changed on the machine.  Working on Sony ARW files

      I have the CS window on the main monitor and ACR opening on the second monitor.  Any image that opens in ACR looks just as it should with the expected colours, but when I open the image in CS6 on the calibrated monitor there is a large shift in colour, rather as though a red filter has been added.   Dragging the image back over to the second monitor corrects the colours.   This would seem to be due to a faulty, or unapplied, monitor profile - but no!


      If I stick with the main monitor and select 'Print' from the Canon Photo Print Pro the image opens in the PPP window but with all the correct colours, no red veil, and the image then prints correctly.  I can see the opened image behind the PPP dialogue, still with the colour shift.  Two different colour renderings on one monitor!  The same thing happens if I open a jpeg in CS6 which opens correctly in Firefox.


      Has anyone experienced this problem?  Any suggestions to try?