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      I would like to produce an A4 folded brochure.


      So, in terms of the basic setup of the brochure, I produced four A5 facing pages. Then I shuffled them through the Pages window panel to produce 2 spreads.


      The first spread should contain the back and front page.


      The second spread should contain the two inside pages facing each other.


      The problem that I see is with the numbering of the pages.


      According to the screenshot hereunder:


      page 1: the back page of the leaflet

      page 2: is the front page

      pages 3/4: the middle spread





      Does it make sense?


      OR should they be in this order:


      page 1: the front page

      pages 2/3: the inside spread

      page 4: the back page



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You can do it this way, but unless you are printing it yourself you probably should jsut set up as an ordinary 4-page A5 facing pages docuent, withteh front an back pages by themselves (and if you go beyoned foour pages, you definitely want to do it thta way. You can use Print Booklet or an inmosositon script or plugin to shuffle the pages for output if the you are printing yourself or your commercial printer tells you hell cut the price in half if you do his job for him.


          To make this work as you are set up now, select page 1 in the pages panel and open the numbering and section options. Change the start page number to 4. The page you want numbered 1 is now page 5, so select it in the panel, reopen the section and numbering options, start a new section and set the start number to 1.