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    How to authorise single Ereader device with several Adobe IDs?


      Is it technically possible in Adobe's DRM system to connect a single epub ebook reader with several Adobe Digital Editions IDs?


      The background of my question is following: I got an ADE account and a laptop computer and Ereader authorised with that account. My wife got an ADE account of her own and her computer and her own Ereader authorised with her account. So both of us got 4 more devices to be authorised with if I understand the system right.


      What I have in mind is to authorise my wife's Ereader with my ADE account, too, in order to be able to transfer DRM protected epub ebooks that I purchased under my account to her Ereader. But I'm afraid to overwright the original authorisation on her Ereader by authorising it with my Adobe ID and therefore restrain from fiddling with the device authorisation.


      Any advise by Adobe or someone else in the community? I was not able to find any useful advise in various forums.


      Many thanks for help!


      Best regards,


      Martin D.