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    How to do a quick check on a Macbook for functionality of Id and Dw?


      Hi, I'm wondering how to do a quick check on a Macbook Pro to check if its affected by any the known bugs in Id and Dw CS6?


      I read that there were problems with running them with some of the 2012 MBPs so I'm currently looking at a second hand option (late2011, 2.2Ghz, 15") running Mountain Lion. From what i gather you just need to bring up a warning box in InDesign to check if its affected by this summer's API removal problem, and with Dreamweaver you just need to see if it opens to be sure you don't get a 'not compatible with this type of mac' message. Is this correct? And are there any other quick checks  for functionality you'd recommend?


      Id and Dw are the main programmes I'll be working on so I'd like to be sure they work on it before making a purchase.


      Thanks, Dave.