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    Read out Loud not reading Alt Text

    Rohlstusk Level 1

      Hello all.  When using Acrobat 9 Pro, adding all text to a tag for text had the Read out Loud actually read the alternate text.  However with Acrobat X Pro, adding alt text to a tag for text does not force the Read out Loud to read that alternate text.


      Meaning if I add "Tiger Tigers School is closed October ninth" to the tag of the text displaying "- TTS is closed October 9th" results with Read out Loud to interpret and read it as "Text To Speech is closed October 9th".


      Is this a bug?

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          CtDave Level 6

          Used your sentence "TTS is closed October 9th." in a Word file and output a tagged PDF via PDFMaker.

          Added Alt Text for the tag that was the parent for the container holding the text string.

          ROL with Acrobat 9 Pro and Acrobat X Pro spoke the entered Alt Text.

          In short, could not duplicate what you've described.



          Perhaps an Acrobat repair or processing any outstanding updates could resolve things.

          Or a return to the structure tree may be in order. Look for what is amiss there.


          Be well...

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            Rohlstusk Level 1

            Thanks for checking.  Just odd that this happened.  I did everything you did and that's where I ran into an issue.  Going to recreate the PDF from the source word document and retest...maybe even create a new tag and test that as well.


            Thanks again!