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    Problems with submitting a form


      Hello all!


      I'm trying to send out a fairly basic Registration of Interest form. It has fields for name, contact details, etc and a submit button (created by using a normal button, changing its type to 'submit', then the filetype to pdf).


      So far so good, I can send it around my area, people fill it in, press the submit button and email it back.


      The problem occurs when I send it to others in the company - they can fill it in and press the submit button which attaches the filled out pdf to an email, but the 'to' field is blank - no email address. I have put "mailto:address@etc etc" in the button and it works on my computer (Acrobat Pro, Outlook) AND on my home pc (Foxit, Thunderbird). Just not the other machines, which have a mixture of Foxit, Adobe Reader and Outlook.


      I can't figure out where the problem lies. If it were some kind of permission problem on their machines, surely I'd be affected as well seeing as how my pc's just as locked down as everyone else's?


      Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide.

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          Nerfly Level 1

          Hi NKOWA3,


          Thanks for your response. That does sound like an ideal solution, but unfortunately it's not something we're capable of here (sigh).


          That said, after a LOT of trial and error I've managed to make some progress. We now have functioning forms that send a correct reply consistently (except in certain versions of Foxit). I'm not quite sure where the fix came from, but bottom line is they have to have a submit button (created as I mentioned before) AND they have to be distributed. If I try using just one or the other I run into problems. Foxit doesn't appear to show a submit button on a distributed-only form, and Adobe Reader seems to fail silently if the form only has a submit button and isn't distributed.


          I'm satisfied with that - so long as I can write sufficiently clear documentation to avoid any dodgy forms, we're all good.


          Thanks for your help, and hopefully this will be useful for any other poor souls with the same problem.

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            Nerfly Level 1

            I wouldn't know, old bean - it's outsourced and we have little control over it, which is why that wasn't a feasible solution for us.


            Thanks anyway!