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    Accidentally left 'auto exposure' on while filming, any help appreciated!

    Michael James Avery

      Hi All


      So while I would normally lock the exposure on my DSLR while filming, in this case... I forgot!


      I've got a small clip of what I'm working with here: http://youtu.be/seRB7kkfurc  ....I've read that it is really not possible to run a plugin/effect to automatically take out the fluctuating brightness. I've heard that I will have to 'keyframe' my clip in a very specific way that will probably take quite a while.


      I'm only mildly familiar with keyframing.... if anyone could give me specific steps they would take to correct the fluctuating that would be so so so so helpful! I really don't have another chance to film it again and I really need it to look great.


      Thankyou so much in advance and lesson learned, will always always remember to lock the exposure now.