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    Need some tips for premiere cs6 video editing


      I have recorded professionally in a sound proof room with a microphone mc's, it's really good video quality and the sound quality is perfect too.


      I have recorded with 2 different devices at different angles i'm going to remove sound from both video clips and use the recorded mp3 file made in Adobe Audition CS6 (amazing program) I want to have the 2nd angle recording put in the video so it shows the main video then the 2nd in a little box in the top corner, how can i do this?


      Also any tips people can suggest for me on Speedgrade CS6 or After effects CS6 that will improve the viewing experience will be very appreciated.


      Last thing playback in Premiere and after effects is very slow, no computer faults my laptop is extremely fast but one thing i've had this laptop about 8 months and not updates the graphics card, would it be that or is there a way to fix this? when i try playblack in after effects it says something like '0.9/29 frames (not real time), i downloaded quicktime i thought this was real time?


      Thank you in advanced