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    Getting a Pixelated h264 .mov file


      using APE 10 with an Asus a53e(i5core, 6gbmem,750gb hdd, win7 premium, 2.5ghz) 


      AND im shooting video with a 550D/t2i  1920x1080 24fr. also i use a c920logitech webcam.


      Anyways i'm having a problem compressing videos to a quicktime format(which the 550d files are already .mov to begin with). using the standard settings for a HD video upload say for the site "Vimeo" or youtube.


      Bitrate set at 5,000-8,000



      my tests so far have been compressing videos from 251mb to 60mb


      i've tried every combination of settings i could think of... and the videos always come out pixelated in many areas(certain colors and areas out of focus). certainly NOT HD quality.


      However i started playing around with compressing it as a windows media file with bitrate settings around 10,000, and it looks great!!


      What am i missing here?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What settings did you select when you set up your Premiere Elements project?


          The quality of your output will only be good if your project settings match your video specs.


          Once you have that right, it's a cinch to select output settings for HD Vimeo or YouTube.

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            povesper Level 1

            Well if i shot the video @ 24 fr i would select NTSC> DSLR 1080p 24 and if i shot it at 30fr...i would select NTSC> DSLR 1080p 30 @ 29.97 (since original file says 29.97 in properties). I'll see if i can upload a small sample tomorrow to show what i'm talking about.

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              povesper Level 1

              also just to note...i do set my aspect to square pixels 1.0


                                           field depth is progressive

                                           i checked off "render at maximum depth" which is 24bit

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I'm not sure what you're telling us. You say "if you shot the video"? You did shoot video, didn't you? And when you placed the video clips on the timeline, you did not see red lines above the clips, right?


                If you're seeing red lines above your clips, your project specs do not match your video specs.


                I'm also curious how you're getting MP4 video from that camera. Doesn't it store its video as MOVs?

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                  povesper Level 1

                  well i went back and compressed a 30second clip set to a bitrate of 6,000 and it came out pretty good. i think my problem has been including a couple clips that are actually shot at a different frame rate into the project. which apparently messes the whole thing up. I did not realize the red lines were important. hehe. thanks!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    PrE does not handle mixed sources in the same Timeline well. When the FPS differs, I usually just create one Project for each type of Clip, and edit them in their own Project, that matches the Source Footage. When done, I can Export/Share to a file, that matches the other Source Footage. I use certain lossless intermediate CODEC's for this, but some skip that step, and use lossy CODEC's, and still get pretty good results. I will then Import those intermediate files into the Project with that other Source Footage.


                    Good luck,