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    Indesign crashes when I add a specific indd

    teloscientist Level 1

      win 7 sp3 - 17-2600 cpu, 12gig ram

      I am building a book of multiple indd files (chapters).

      when I add a particular indd file, indesign crashes.

      this happens in both cs5, when add the file built in cs5

      and it happens in cs6, when I add the file opened and resaved using cs6.

      it happens if it is the 2nd or 5th indd file.

      it does not happen if it is the first file to add to the book.

      however, it typically crashes if I add a second indd file, and always crashes if I try to move any other indd file "before/above" it in the book, it crashes.

      The file opens fine if I open it on its own. it is only 22 pages and many of the other chapters are 40-70 pages.


      it is set to auto page # and auto chapter #.


      Any ideas on what I can fix in the file so I can include it in my book!?