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    metadata not populating captions

    perfect p

      I'd really appreciate some help with this problem... I want to set up a page of thumbnails and then display a selection of information from the metadata as a caption below each one. This has worked well in the past, but now only the info re the lens used (and any text I add in the captions text boxes) shows. I've tried re-inserting the images ensuring I'm using the 'place' command, re-linked the image, triple checked that the metadata is there (as it shows in photoshop, Bridge and in the image info itself) - but still nothing.


      What's really wierd is that if i open a previous document (that worked), delete the captions and then re-generate static or live captions, it's all fine....but when I do the same thing using the same image with the same metadata and properly linked in my NEW document, it just won't do it! Though the caption set-up is the same etc. The only thing I can think of is that my new Iddesign document is 'faulty' in some way, or the programme itself is having a bad day??


      I just can't work out what I'm missing, so any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks.

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          Mead324 Level 1

          Which version of ID or Creative Suite are you using? Do you have paragraph styles set up to use with your live captions setup? Do you get an error messages? Can you post a pic of the problem or post the file you are having problems with? (See here for how to post your file: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3994281#3994281)

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            perfect p Level 1

            Hi, thanks for helping. I'm using CS5 and have tried it both with and without paragraph styles applied - but no change. Also tried it as an active layer and the same as the image + grouped/ungrouped. No error messages, just very limited metadata! Have tried a few more things - opened a new doc and loaded images that have previously displayed all captions as required: initially all fine, then tried a current image (with all metadata present too) with only 'lens' info displaying in captions (out of 5 selected), and then re-inserted the first ones - which this time would only show x 1 out of x5 metadata options selected! Also tried selecting ALL metadata for the captions, but didn't show all - it seemed to leave out a random selection (ie: ONLY picks up: name, status, page, lens etc.... but NOT aperture, camera, ISO, shutter speed....).


            Here's an eg of what's happening https://acrobat.com/#d=8PKW10fMODOzRR6yHlAMwA

            with the 2 thumbnails on the L using static captions and the 2 on the R using live captions; both had all 5 options selected.


            Many thanks.

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              Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

              I've had a similar situation where using IDCS5.5 Mac, tried to generate similar captions on a range of photographs from various cameras and noticed that only certain cameras (Canon) had most of the metadata displaying. Conclusion that I reached was to do with how indesign fetches the metadata. Yes, the picture may contain metadata in the Camera EXIF component, but if that information isn't in the IPTC (IIM legacy) which is where indesign is fetching the information from, then there can be issues. Not sure if this helps.

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                Mead324 Level 1

                Can you upload the image files as well so I can take a look at those too? Thanks!

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                  perfect p Level 1

                  Hi cdflash,

                  Thanks for your help - I've checked out all the metadata as you said, but I don't think that's quite the problem as the only info/caption ID shows out of the 5 selected (of aperture, ISO, shutter, camera + lens) is the Lens type, which isn't in either the IPTC or IPTC (IIM Legacy) folders - only in the EXIF data. Also the settings I have now are exactly as they were when it worked before - with a Canon camera too.

                  So still a mystery...


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                    perfect p Level 1

                    Hi Mead324,

                    I've put up x1 image (as they all have the same metadata input areas) here https://acrobat.com/#d=uh6gOtPjepWBz08knZ2C4g


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                      Mead324 Level 1

                      Well I have good news and strange news. The good news is that when I linked the image file you posted to the file you posted, I was able to make your live captions work perfectly. I could also generate static captions and they worked as well. This suggested to me that you don't have a problem with your InDesign file per se or necessarily your image files. I opened your photo in Photoshop and Bridge (both CS5.5 versions) and was able to see the metadata that you wanted to include in your live captions in both programs the same as you were.


                      So, what's the problem then and why does it work for me and not you? I am running CS5.5 on a Mac. It may simply be the difference between CS5.5 and CS5. However, this is where things get strange. I thought I'd see if I could re-create your results. When I opened your photo in Photoshop and re-saved it as a JPG and/or a TIF I found that the EXIF metadata was removed (correction - not "removed" from the JPG or TIF file, but removed from view in InDesign) and the live and static captions no longer functioned. All other types of metadata (or so I assume, admittedly I didn't test absolutely everything) seemed to be intact. So, as you noted, your problem does seem to lie with the EXIF metadata. Just to be sure it wasn't a strange glitch with your photo, I pulled up a few of my own photos downloaded and untouched from my camera. Completely untouched images came through into InDesign with EXIF metadata intact and coming into the live/static captions correctly. Images manipulated in any way, including saved straight from the Camera Raw dialog as JPG or TIF formats lost their EXIF metadata.


                      A couple of potential solutions/thoughts...and perhaps someone else can build on this. There are some scripts out there and/or plugins that people have created to deal with the EXIF metadata issue. Looking around a bit, this one by Phil Harvey seems to be pretty popular, though I'm afraid I can't personally vouch for it: http://owl.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/index.html This isn't the only tool out there though, so if it's not the one for you, keep looking.


                      The fact that your photo worked for me in CS5.5 makes me think that there is a possibility that your photo was saved in a way that didn't remove the EXIF metadata and/or the metadata was still readable by CS5.5. If this is a feature you will be taking advantage of a lot it might be worth updating InDesign to a newer version, but keeping your photo processing method the same until you know that Adobe has worked out this problem.


                      And the low-tech, but most annoying process would be to manually copy and paste the metadata you want to show up in your live captions into "stand in" unused categories in another section of your metadata. For instance take the "ISO Speed" and put it in the "Description" category. If you used the same lens, film speed, camera, etc. for a batch of photos you could build a metadata template that could fill in most of the data for you. Really not the optimal solution, but better than not having it work at all. I'll let you know if I run across something better!

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                        perfect p Level 1

                        Hi Mead324,


                        Thank you for all the time and effort you're putting in to help sort this problem out.


                        I've re-looked at the EXIF metadata and it all seems to be present - so I re-treid another previous image (one that had worked fine with the captions feature 2 years ago with CS5) in my new ID doc, again only the 'lens' category showing. So I went to my original with the same photo in, deleted the caption and then re-generated it - all fine. Then I copied the same photo into another of the original frames, and again it generated the captions OK....Then I added a copy of this same photo beside it in a NEW frame but still in my original ID doc...and it wouldn't work!


                        So it seems to be that if it's still somehow linked with my original work with CS5 almost 2 years ago, it's OK; but as soon as it involves using it in a 'new' set up, it won't work - even in the same ID doc with the same image! So all I can deduce from this is that there's been a change within the programme of ID CS5 sometime in the last 2 years that's altered how it handles captions - and somehow it's only picking up select metadata. I've also tried it again with selecting almost all the metadata - and it's definitly being selective about what it chooses to show or not, yet still picking up some info from the EXIF data - just not all...


                        I've submitted a bug report too, so hopefully someone there will review it - soon I hope as this is quite important for us at the moment, as we have about 200 images to work with - though i don't know how to contact them to follow it up with them. It might be useful if they read this thread too? Otherwise as you said the low-tech method may have to be an option... though I will also check out the Phil Harvey script too - or any others that are suggested.


                        Many thanks.

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                          perfect p Level 1

                          Just to update this thread... still no luck with generating all the info I want for the image thumbnail captions, so had to input all 223 of them manually! So much for the time-saving abiltiy of technology!


                          I've submitted 2 bug reports, but have had no input/fix. Generally I find Adobe very VERY hard to contact which is incredibly frustrating, particularly considering how expensive their products are.


                          So no solution to this problem yet, but thanks to those that tried to help.

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                            James Windsor

                            I still have this same problem in 2017. A workaround is to batch rename the files using metadata in Bridge and then import them, setting the caption as the image name. Set them as static captions and do a find and replace to remove the .jpg (or whatever file extension you have). A bit annoying though, but quicker than doing it all manually.