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    How to post a screenshot in the forum

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      Often a user who posts a problem or question in the forum will be asked to post a screenshot.  This article will explain how to take and post a screenshot.


      Note that screenshots cannot be attached to email notification replies.



      To capture a screenshot...


      Windows 7, 8, and Vista


      Use the Windows Snipping Tool to take a snapshot of the area you want to capture.  See Use-Snipping-Tool-to-capture-screen-shots for instructions.  Save the result as a JPG or PNG file.


      Windows XP and earlier


      Use the Print Screen button on the keyboard to capture the entire desktop, then use a imaging program like MS Paint, Paint.NET, or similar to paste the captured image.  Some programs can crop the area you want to show, so you do not need to post the entire desktop.  Save the result as a JPG or PNG file.


      More detailed instructions: Take a screenshot on Windows XP


      Alternate screenshot tool: Jing (free download)


      Mac OS


      Use the Preview application to take screen shots of the area you want to capture.

      1. open Finder and go to /Applications directory and open the Preview application
      2. From the menu, select File > Take a Screen Shot > select the option to take a screen shot (selection, Window, or Entire Screen)
      3. Save the result as a JPG or PNG file.



      To post the saved screenshot you need to be in the forum editor; either as a new topic, or as a reply in a topic requesting a screenshot.


      Click on the camera icon in the editor menu to upload the saved image to the current cursor position.


      Message was edited by: Maria Vargas Removed link to http://www.apple.com/findouthow/mac/#capturescreen as it didn't provide information on taking screenshots.  Added instructions for using the Preview application to take screenshots.