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    Bug in Adobe DNG Converter 7.2 RC

    01af Level 1

      Adobe DNG Converter 7.2 RC (for Windows) keeps missing files. When pointing it at a folder containing many raw image files to convert (and providing a different folder as the destination for the converted files) then it won't always find all the raw files. There are no files besides the raw image files in the folder ... umm, with the possible exception of the hidden Bridge cache files, .BridgeCache and .BridgeCacheT. The destination folder initially is empty.


      When this happens then I have to re-do the conversion, with the same source and destination folders selected and the Skip source file if destination file exists check-box ticked. Then DNG Converter will collect and convert the raw image files it missed in the first run. So far, I never had to perform a third run, but I frequently have to do two runs to get a folder's raw files converted. For example, in my most recent attempt there where 966 raw image files in the source folder (of the type Sony ARW, along with XMP sidecar files), and DNG Converter found 954 files in the first run and the remaining 12 in the second. The bug also occurs when the folder contains mixed types (Sony ARW and Leica DNG in my case). There is no error message or any other kind of hint that something is going wrong, so you have to check the result manually. The status line at the top of the Conversion Status window teling the number of files to convert will report the number found; if that's less than the number of raw image files available then you'll have to start a second run when the first is finished. It's easy to miss the problem, and then you may end up with some files not converted!


      So far, the bug inevitably occurs when there are many raw image files in the source folder—i. e. more than 400 (and up to 1,200). When doing several attempts on the same source folder then the set of missed files will vary, i. e. it's not always the same files that get missed. It is not even always the same number; the number of missing files varies between, say, 5 and 20, i. e. approx. 0.5 - 5 % of the number of files in the folder. It seems that if the number of raw image files in the source folder is small (say, less than 300) then the bug does not happen. In my last successful attempt, I converted 263 files of type Leica DNG, and DNG Converter found them all on the first attempt.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Does it matter what hard-drives the files are on, whether they are missed?  Does an older DNGC also miss files?

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            01af Level 1

            ssprengel wrote:


            Does it matter what hard-drives the files are on, whether they are missed?

            No, it doesn't. There are two physical SATA hard-disk drives installed in my machine, and the error occurs no matter where the source files are. It also does not matter where the destination folder is. Usually it's on an external 3.5" drive connected via USB 2.0, but I also tried the internal drives, to no avail.




            ssprengel wrote:


            Does an older DNG Converter also miss files?

            Gosh! To my surprise, yes it does! I just tried DNG Converter 7.1, 6.7, and 6.6, and they miss files just like 7.2 RC does. They didn't back when they were current ... or at least, I never noticed.


            This seems to indicate that the culprit is not DNG Converter 7.2 RC but my machine. But then, my machine and the hard-disk drives (including the external 2 TB 3.5" USB drive) are the very same I am using for years now. I didn't change the operating system; it still is Windows XP SP3. I am also still using the same cameras as I always did for years now. The only significant things that changed recently (besides DNG Converter) are Photoshop 13.0.1 and Bridge 5.0.1.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Since you're running XP, a 32 bit OS, I wonder if you might have some kind of memory or other resource shortage.


              I thought of this because there's at least one other person reporting some kind of "out of memory" problems with XP, and I'm starting to wonder whether Adobe has just started looking less and less at how well their software works on an outdated system.


              How many files are in the folder when you're seeing this behavior?



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                01af Level 1

                While my machine is a bit outdated indeed (Windows XP SP3 32 bit, 4 GB RAM installed, 3 GB RAM used), I don't think it's an out-of-memory issue. If it was then why does Adobe DNG Converter sucessfully collect and convert 954 out of 966 raw image files in one run (and the remaining 12 in a second run) but fails to find all files a in folder with approx. 400 files in another run? If it can handle 900+ files then there mustn't be a problem with 400 files. And in the past, DNG Converter has happily and reliably handled folders with 1,000 - 2,000 raw image files without missing any, on the very same machine.


                Currently, I am seeing the problem with folders containing between 400 and 1,200 raw image files. When I start DNG Converter on a folder with many files then it basically is the only application running.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Are you seeing any errors logged in your Windows Event Logs?


                  I feel your pain - I absolutely *hate* things that don't work consistently.  One has to be able to rely on the computer to not miss things, as humans would.  That's what it's for!



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                    01af Level 1

                    Noel Carboni wrote:


                    Are you seeing any errors logged in your Windows Event Logs?



                    Oh no! Why didn't I think of that? The Windows System Event Log is full of disk errors which occurred during the recent three or four weeks.


                    So I disconnected all external USB drives, re-booted the machine (which I haven't done for quite some time), and re-connected the USB drives. No more disk error events since then, and Adobe DNG Converter is working like a charm again. I'm feeling stupid now ...


                    So the issue is solved—at least for now. Thank you, Noel, for the slap on the forehead. I needed that