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    Wait for activated fonts in open-event

    MacGritsch69 Level 1

      Hi there,


      in an open-event of a document I try to wait till the missing fonts are activated (using a font-manager-software).


      As a test, I run a loop counting the fonts known by indesign. if the count changes, I do an alert but it does not change after activating fonts in the fontmanager.


      If I enable the "alert", it shows me the new number (the round after the alert). So I think that opening the alert gives indeisgn time to check for new fonts.

      Is there a way how I can solve this (showing an alert every second is no solution ;-))


      Coding on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with CS 6


      here is the code:


      thank you!




      var lastFontCount = app.fonts.length;


      while (true)






                          var currentFontCount = app.fonts.length;


        //alert("currentFontCount: " + currentFontCount);


                          if (currentFontCount != lastFontCount)


          alert("currentFontCount != lastFontCount // " + currentFontCount + " != " + lastFontCount);

          lastFontCount = currentFontCount;