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    Problems selecting text boxes with direct selection tool

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      I've searched the Adobe forums and Google, but oviously nobody else documented this problem before.


      I've got some ID CS5 documents (ID version 7.0.3, to be precise) where I encounter a problem when using the direct selection tool. The documents contaisn several (up to 20) text boxes. Some of them are grouped, some not. When I start selecting the text boxes using the direct selection tool, some of the boxes are de-selected as soon as I select another text box. E.g. I select text box 1, text box 2, text box 3 and text box 4. When I select text box 5, the text box 3 loses its selection.


      Does anyone know about this problem? Any hint or help is highly appreciated.





      PS: Working on Windows 7 64Bit Prof. on a HP xw6600 workstation