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    Custom Calculation Help


      Please see graphic below:


      i am trying to create a calculation where the Ext Price is the product of the Order Qty field and the given price in the Insider Price column. How can i do this without having the user enter the Insider Price, since that is to be a fixed nuumber?

      Screen shot 2012-09-24 at 10.26.28 AM.png

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          MarkWalsh Level 4

          You can set the calculation fields to use Simplified Notation and hard-code the value into the calculation (i.e. QTYFieldName * 39.9), or you could create a Read-Only field (you could set it to be hidden as well if necessary) and set the calculation field to be the product of the two fields, or use Simplified notation; or you could do the entire calculation in Javascript using either the hard-coded value or readonly field.

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            nponzo Level 1

            Thank You! I used the Hidden/Read Only method (since i dont know java) it works great. A lot simpler solution than i thought. Thanks again.