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    Using CS5.5 javacode in CS6

    Bart Devos Level 1

      Dear all,


      I know the java/corba api is no longer supported in CS6. Does this mean that CS5.5 code is not guaranteed to work on CS6?

      I ask this because i have following issue:


      aUtils = new ApplicationUtils(fullIorFilePath);
                                    app = aUtils.getApplication();
      //                              log.debug(app.getVersion()); <= Throws an exception
      //                              app.updateFonts(); <= Throws an exception
                                    int docNum = app.countDocuments(); <= NO exception.


      The exception i get (in both cases):


      com.adobe.ids.IdsException: IDL:com/adobe/ids/IdsException:1.0
                at com.adobe.ids.IdsExceptionHelper.read(Unknown Source)
                at com.adobe.ids.basics._ApplicationStub.getVersion(Unknown Source)
                at be.nss.ids.advit.ApplicationInstance.<init>(ApplicationInstance.java:40)
                at be.nss.ids.advit.AdvitSession.<init>(AdvitSession.java:335)
                at be.nss.ids.main.MainWrapperAnalyze.main(MainWrapperAnalyze.java:75)


      How far can i trust to use the CS5.5 code in CS6?

      The InDesignServerAPI.jar and snippets.jar, delivered with the "Adobe_InDesign_CS6_Server_SDK_370_Mac" are in my class path.

      I'm testing on MacOSX 10.7.5 and i'm running my code from eclipse (as i always did).


      Thanks in advance for usefull advise.


      Bart Devos