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    Advice on Size and Max Number of ANEs


      Hi All,


      We make fairly extensive use of ANEs to add to the functionality of our AIR apps on Android and iOS.


      I'd like to ask a quick question on whether there are any recommendations of the maximum number of ANEs that should be used.

      I remember seeing somewhere on a discussion forum, somebody saying that 4 ANEs for a single app was too many - but I don't think I've seen that replicated anywhere since. Is there a 'Best Practice' relating to this anywhere?


      Equally, should there be limits on the size of how many 'FRENameFunctions' should be used in the ANE? We have tried to keep this number below 30 (basically to keep down the size of the ANE), but have no real idea if there is any validity to this approach.


      Thanks in advance


      Mac Holden