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    changing shapes by dragging on them?

    media kat Level 1

      What key is used in conjunction with these shapes to be able to change their shape? I remember using an older version of FW and I took a shape and was able to drag on something to change it from a rectangle into a tab.



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Have you trried the Auto Shape Properties panel?

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            media kat Level 1

            I was talking about the yellow points that show up when you draw out an autoshape, and using the alt/option key with them. I notice sometimes when you hover over one of those yellow points it instructs you to use alt/option though other times like with the pie chart, it does not instruct you to, though if you do hold down alt/option it creates additional sections.


            1. Is there some way to know when these shapes can be manipulated with the alt/option and dragging on a yellow point, or do you just have to experiment?

            2. Are there any limitations to using these auto shapes vs. the regular vector shapes? Anything that can affect quality? etc.?



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              groove25 Level 4

              I think experimentation is essential—but the tool tips that appear when hovering over the yellow points will generally give you the information needed.


              In the Pie Chart example, dragging on the points adjusts the position of the segments, while Alt/Opt-dragging will allow you to add new segments. The former isn't explicitly stated, but the latter is, presumably because Alt-Opt-dragging is not assumed. Personally, I'd just click-and-drag on a yellow point, unless it specifically says otherwise. (The developers of these Auto Shapes want them to be usable; so they'll let you know if you need to do something special via tooltips.)