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    Building a PC for faster rendering and real time workflow


      Hi guys - need help if possible since I'm not into hardware all that much...


      I have a few problems when using Premiere Pro CS6 which resulted in thinking of buying a new computer:


      1) Exporting a one hour full HD video takes about 23 hours (no effects except color correction)

      2) When making a color correction it is impossible to preview it on timeline even in 1/4 resolution - video starts to jitter so I have to export it to realize that some scenes are too dark, too light, too something, etc. And, as said, it takes around 23 hours... So this makes it 46 hours...

      3) Using a multicam view is extremely jerky and so - pretty useless


      All in all - I need a computer with a lot more muscle. So, I went through many forum discussions, read on the Internet, blah, blah.. and decided to build a PC rather than MAC since I get more "bang for the buck" when considering the same budget (around 3000$). Speaking of this, please consider that I live in Croatia and 3K$ here are not the same as in USA or many parts of Europe - it's a little more pricey here...


      So, here's the setup so review it if you're into hardware and CS6 compatibility/optimization and please comment/advise, having in mind the problems I have previously stated out.


      Just one thing - please, please, please don't get too complicated because I really don't know that much about hardwareing and I'm pretty fed up with exploring hundreds and hundreds of posts, opinions, forums, etc....


      Make it simple - is it a good choice or not for CS6 workflow and which component should I potentially change for a better one (but staying in budget).


      I use Premiere for editing full HD videos (sometimes I get nearly 500GB of raw material) and I frequently use After Effects for various animations.


      Thanks a lot!



      Intel core i7 3930K (3.2 GHz, hex, 1.5 MB, 12 MB, Socket 2011, box)

      MSI x79-GD65-8D

      Asus GTX 690 - 4GB

      Kingmax SSD 60BG (for windows and cs6)

      Seagate HDD Desktop Barracuda 7200 (3TB, 64MB, Sata III-600)

      Corsair 32GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz

      Spire 750W Black Eagle