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    InDesign CS5 hangs when opening files


      I have recently begun experiencing a problem whereby I cannot open any existing InDesign documents. I can create new documents and work in them, but I cannot open any documents previously created in CS5.


      InDesign CS5, MacBook Pro, Mountain Lion OS 10.8.2, Intel Corei7


      The problem appeared shortly after the most recent Apple OS update so I suspect that may be causing this. InDesign just hangs with the beachball trying to open the file which it never does. It gets past linking files, then hangs. The problem has also occurred when I try to open files with InDesign CS6 on the same machine. I have tried to open a variety of different files and the problem still occurs so it doesn't seem to be file specific.


      I encountered the problem a few days ago and somehow resolved it through a combination of trashing preferences, removing the SING folder and some font management. Today the problem returned and I can't seem to resolve it via any of those methods. All other Adobe CS5 and 6 apps work just fine.


      I saw a post that recommended removing the SING plugin from InDesign's plug in folder so I tried that too. So far no luck.


      I've attached the crash report and the Sample Process report from the Activity Monitor.


      Crash Report



      Sample Process



      Any help is much appreciated.