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    ID export problem


      I publish a bi-monthly newspaper that I send as a pdf to my printer. I have been doing this for nearly two years with no problem. This issue, however, crashes InDesign during the export to PDF. The file was not doing this until the very end. The only thing I did differently was that I discovered the "press-quality" save-as button the in the scroll down on the PDF menu. In the past I had saved it as "high-quality". Though I have gone back to trying to save it as "high-quality", it continues to crash.


      In attempting to follow online troubleshooting instructions, I did check to see if I could export at all, and a simple one-page with a box still did export fine.


      The file is about 20MB and I am wondering if it has something to do with my laptop, which is nearly three years old, though was completely wiped out and cleaned two months ago.


      About my computer: HP Pavillion Notebook (purchased early 2010); OS=Vista Home Premium 2007; 64-bit; RAM=4.6


      Thank you