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    Everything That Have Read Does Not Work With Installing Flash 11


      I have read all threads that relates too getting Flash Player to work.

      I have gone through all the steps in getting IE9 64 bit to download

      Flash 11.


      I have checked with Java Script to see if its enabled and it is

      I have checked with ActiveX Filtering and even rebooted  have no check mark

      I have unistalled any Flash Player

      I reinstalled Flash Player when I go to Adobe Flash Player Page

      I have even rebooted the Laptop and followed all the steps above.

      I know that Flash is installed as I get this message You have version 11,4,402,278 installed

      I go to see if there is an update of the Flash Player and soon as I attempt to download

      nothing happens even though get message Thank you. Your download will start automatically.

      sits on that page with nothing that pops up.


      When I go to check and see if there is any Flash installed I see a grayish box with

      nothing in it no error message just all one colour, which tells me have no flash



      I am running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

      on a Acer Aspire V3-571G 64 bit


      This laptop is only a few days old


      Is there any other steps that I can do? with out Flash

      there is not a lot can do online when comes to video