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    Windows 7 recovery: DRM documents survive?


      I need to set my Windows 7PC back to delivery status, and then install all required application, including ADE. I have backed up all data including the ADE documents (including some with DRM protection), and will restore them after Windows renewal.



      Will the DRM protecet documents be available in the refreshed system (same PC, but new Windwos installation)?


      Regards, Andreas

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          A DRM document is just like any other computer file.  If you've backed up

          the ADE library, then its index and all of its documents should be intact

          and ready to be reinstalled on your refreshed computer.  However, if you're

          going to upgrade your Windows OS from its former level to Windows 7, you

          should be aware that some folks have reported issues with migrating ADE and

          its library to a Windows 7 machine.  I haven't done that, but, apparently,

          Win 7 has some issues with its connection of Windows folders to

          applications when you copy them over.  The registry may not be updated




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            Jim_Lester Level 4

            As long as you are authorized to an AdobeID (Library->Authorize), then you will be okay, as long as you authorize to the same ID when you reinstall.


            Make sure you back up the entire Digitial Editions directory so that you don't lose any annotations.