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    Color picker changes don't happen!


      On mac. FW CS6. I select an object. Click the fill color box. The window with swatches appears. I click the little wheel in the lower right corner to set HSL sliders (because this is what people want to do...) and the color picker appears. I use a slider, click OK but the color doesn't change! I go back to the color picker and the color is back to what it was before! How do I fix this bug? It destroys the entire application! Thanks

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          groove25 Level 4

          What version of the Mac OS are you using?


          It seems that there've been a lot of issues involving the Mac OS color picker, but what you're describing sounds like a complete disconnect, which is not commonly reported for CS6 (on this forum, anyway). I've got a bit of bad news: Even when it's working, there are known problems involving the integration between the Mac OS color picker and Fireworks: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4453973.


          So, I have to ask: Have you tried FW's native Color Mixer? Or the Color Palette panel? Or the Kuler panel?

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            Fireworks_forever Level 1

            OS X 10.8.2 (12C54) is what I have.

            I always use the color tools in FW when I can but when altering a gradient color or when clicking the fill color area (in the PI) to change a color I need to go to picker. Why can't this first panel have HSL sliders? Having the swatches there makes no sense when you just want to tweak colors.

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              groove25 Level 4

              Have you tried the Color Palette panel (Selector view)? It has sliders, but they're very thin. The Kuler panel has RGB sliders at bottom, while the top portion is essentially a circular two-value slider (Hue + Saturation) plus a Brightness slider on the right-hand side.


              I guess I tend to use the Hue/Sat filter when I want to play with a color, but that affects entire objects. If you're working with gradient stops, be aware that the eyedropper can be used to sample anything on the canvas—like the Kuler, Color Mixer or Color Palette panels, for instance—not just the Swatches palette.


              You could file a feature request for visualization sliders in the Color Mixer panel, which would make it more like Photoshop or Illustrator: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform


              These are some other recent threads about color issues in Fireworks on Mac OS10.8:




              If the MacOS Color Picker is completely broken in Fireworks CS6 on Mountain Lion, that's a big deal. It's worth filing a bug report with Adobe: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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                mlc_286 Level 1

                SAME ISSUE HERE

                I am starting to worry about all these failures from MAC. I am not even updating to iOS 6 on iphone and ipad.

                But I had to update OSX on my iMac so that I could use photostream. Anyway, I open fireworks and try to use the eyedropper....and it doesn't work!!!


                I can get over the "Could not save file" error. But....I NEED THE EYEDROPPER!!!! I already reported the bug. Please everybody report the bug so that they fix it.


                BTW, I'm using CS4.

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                  groove25 Level 4

                  @mlc_286: I understand your concerns about upgrading Mac OSs and am sorry to hear about the eyedropper tool problem—but I'm glad to hear that you submitted a bug report!


                  However, this discussion is concerning the Mac OS Color Picker (not the native Fireworks color picker) in Fireworks CS6 on Mountain Lion. FYI: The Mac OS Color Picker is accessible from the native color picker by clicking on the "color wheel" icon. This opens up a separate set of color picking and adjustment tools supplied by the operating system.


                  FW color picker.pngMac OS color picker.png

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                    Fireworks_forever Level 1



                    Issue shown in video. This is very frustrating. Will file it as bug. If this is not the case in CS5 I would want to downgrade. Is that possible?

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                      groove25 Level 4

                      You chose a very subtle example for your screencast!


                      Are you sure this issue did not occur with Fireworks CS5 as well? What I'm noticing in your video is that the Mac OS Color Picker is having an effect—because when you return to the FW swatches color picker, the hexadecimal and RGB values of your red color have changed (from #FC0008 to #F9000D, or from R:252 G:0 B:8 to R: 249 G:0 B:13).


                      This looks like a previously reported bug that also exists in earlier Fireworks versions: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4437797#4437797


                      To demonstrate that the Mac OS Color Picker is having no effect, I think you should update your screencast and make a larger change to the original color with the sliders. Otherwise, consider whether this is the same problem discussed in the link above. Either way, it would be good to submit a bug report.


                      I don't know about downgrading; you'd have to try contacting Adobe customer service about that.