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    Problems with scaling/transforming smart objects with TEXT inside.

    gsraider Level 1

      Hi guys, so my issue is with the scaling of smart objects that contain text.


      Think of it this way, I have a rectangle (business card size) which is a smart object and "inside" is text that I can edit.


      Now, when my file is 5000x5000 pixels, editing it and scaling it to my desired size of 2000x2000, it will look great but ONLY if the layers are flattened first.


      If I make my file at 2000x2000 from the start, the text comes out jaggedy even before flattening. Another thing I should mention is that the rectangle is angled for perspective purposes. The file is really mock-up of business cards.



      I tried starting at 2000x2000 and making the cards 300DPI from the start but doesn't help at all.



      Is there any way around this? Hope that made sense.