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    Paragraph Style / Underline / Custom Stroke / Indent Text [CS5]

    RuthK Level 1

      Hi - I'm new here, so feel free to comment if I can phrase my question better.


      I've set a paragraph style which highlights my text by applying an underline. Client has requested a round end cap, so I've set a custom stroke. The underline goes edge to edge so the first and last characters unpleasantly hang out of the underline. In order to compensate I've manually included an Em space at the beginning and end of the text, but this is not ideal.


      I'd really like something which can indent the text beginning and end from the underline, but keep the underline the width of the frame.


      Paragraph rules does not work in this case, as I need all of the text to be highlighted, not just the last line.


      Any help gratefully appreciated.