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    Help displaying Instructional Objectives 1-at-a-time using mouse down on a button on one screen.

    Rod@FOF Level 1

      I am brand new to Captivate 6 and have encountered my first coding problem. I have six instructional objectives and would like to display them one at a time with a mouse click on a button. I would like some guidance either with making what I a trying to do work or in the alternative telling me what I should be doing instead. Here is what I tried to do.


      1. I created 6 instructional objectives on a single screen.


      2. Then I created a user variable "increment_objectives." It's starting value was set to 0.


      3. Next, I built an advanced conditional action. It contained seven conditional  statements, each built the same way. The purpose of the seventh was to move to the next slide after all instructional objectives were viewed.


      The advanced conditional action IF statement was:  If increment_objectives = x  then (where x varied from 0 to 7)

      The ACTION statements contained the names of the six instruction objectives (objective_1 through objective_6) and these were either shown or hidden, based upon the increment_objectives value.


      4. This advanced conditional action was attached to the enter frame on the slide and "no action" was on the exit frame on the slide.


      5. On a Button I attached an increment value that added 1 to increment_objectives variable.


      6. I set all frame objects to "duration of slide" turning off all timing increments.


      I had expected that this would increment the increment_objectives variable when the mouse was clicked and that the advanced actions conditional statements would be interpreted and display the objectives one at a time. How wrong I was. Not only did they not display, but after a few seconds, the screen would flip to the next slide.


      Can you offer me some help?


      Rod Wolford