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    How to make SpryMenuBarHorizontal submenus appear Horizontally under parent menus


      I am new to Dreamweaver I am currently building a website for an Architecture Firm near my town and I have been using this forum, books, and many other resources to get by with what I currently have. My boss is looking for a running site soon and I am trying my hardest to get it there there is just so many things I dont know how to do. Ive researched a lot and ive come up with this




      My hardest trouble was getting my tabs to be the same size so my background image would fit the format correctly however after messing around with the SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css I was able to fix that issue. However the issue I am having currently is with the sub-menu drop-downs. They currently are appearing vertically underneath the parent tab, and my desired format would be for the sub-menus to appear horizontally under their parent tab.


      This is what it currently looks like:



      I would greatly appreciate any help at all!!


      Thanks again in advance for all your help!(: