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    Edge Animate Free Licence Question

    gbartosz83 Level 1

      Edge Animate is free for sometime - this is great news- but i have one question,

      what will happen after ending this free offer, will I be allowed reinstall Edge if for example my Windows 7 crash?

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          Mark Anders

          Yes, of course.  Edge Animate is a perpetual license - you bought it.  It's just that the price is $0 for now. 



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            gbartosz83 Level 1

            ok, but I don't see any information about EdgeAnimate licence in my CreativeCloud account

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              Are you saying that ... If I downloaded "Adobe Edge Animate" (I did) It is mine for free for all my life? If this is true I consider myself an fortunate guy.

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                rich@adobe Adobe Employee

                Yup! You can use the version you downloaded today for free, for as long as you want.

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                  tfbkny Level 1

                  Well... but where is the installer? Will we have to continue download it through the App Manager?

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                    waow the edge animate is free? awesome!

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                      sino ka

                      where can I find the installer of the edge animate after downloading it 

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                        webcoderdesigner Level 1

                        can we install edge animate more than a computer with same username?

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                          elainecc Adobe Employee

                          Hey, webcoderdesigner-


                          You should be able to - have you tried it?



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                            elainecc Adobe Employee

                            Hi, tfbkny-


                            The installer will still live within the Creative Cloud experience through the Adobe Application Manager, so there isn't a local copy of the installer like there was through Labs.



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                              tfbkny Level 1

                              Thanks Elaine... I see. Then it will remain necessary to come back to the Creative Cloud Service to perform installs when changing computer or hard drive or if installing on a different machine.


                              Sad to hear that and I won't hide that also made me a bit upset too.


                              Call me old fashion but I am not a fan of macro-managing and intrusive policies (subscription requires collecting a given amount of data that buying previous versions didn't... why does Adobe need my DoB if it ain't going to send me a cake and a gift?!) and who will ensure users the company won't be monitoring, whether to ensure proper funcioning or for other reasons, the usage or collecting machine information? I am still one of those who wants a "physical ownership" of what I purchase and I'd rather have no "always on connection" with the companies providing the software (when I want that I'll come here ;D) when programs don't require it. I am a fan of manual updates and user controlled actions. I don't like automatic systems at least as much as I don't like automatic cars (And no, won't line up to buy a drive-itself google car when that hits the market Sorry Larry and Sergei, but keep at it lots of people who don't like to drive will!)


                              Back on topic... I like the level of privacy and sense of privacy the separate user controlled and network disconnected installer had always allowed. So Adobe will forgive me for not meeting this decision with too much enthusiasm as I will continue to consider it an unwelcome imposition on those willing to pay a premium to own a perpetual license that comes with disks or downloadable copy of the installer that can be kept by the buyer and istalled as they see fit. Unfortunately I have no influence on company policies and will have to suck it up. That's really too bad because while I like what the wiz teams are doing at Adobe, I can't say the same for marketing and executive departments


                              That said though a question though will come natural here. Since I use my the Adobe product on my desktop while at my home office and I use the same copy on my laptop while at clients or on the go... how would that work for creative cloud applications with perpetual license or for those rented via subscription? Will I now be required to buy 2 perpetual licenses or 2 subscriptions for something I can't use at the same time unless growing 2 extra arms? Are there formulas that allow at least installation for smaller operations such as one-man bands or tiny quartets to operate without "breaking the piggy-bank"?


                              In conclusion and as a reminder which I've already posted other times, when the community gets upset on topics like these it's not all just about money and even when "yelling, ******** and moaning", we do that with all the best intention to let Adobe know we still love the people working hard there, but we strongly and passionately disagree with some of the decision being taken and affecting all of us out here. When a company is this large and capable in direct and indirect ways to set standards and trends, we do feel the need to voice our concerns being part of those who have stakes as both end users of the products and consumer or what produced by those products... (hope this last thought will be clear to everyone reading ).


                              Thanks again for your always welcom, informative and very much appreciated replies Elaine!




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                                Just to clarify, buy buying you mean downloading it through the Adobe Application Manager? It's very confusing that it doesn't show up under "My products", so for the user there seems to be no way to verify that it is bound to his Adobe ID.

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                                  sarhunt Adobe Employee

                                  Just to clarify, we're not in the Adobe store and only available via the cloud because we have a $0 price point and the Adobe store only hosts price-driven applications. We could, you know, charge and make the product available in the store but that doesn't seem like a reasonable solution to being only available on the cloud



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                                    tfbkny Level 1

                                    Who could complain when given the current Edge Animate for free? Then again if it doesn't show in the products (which I haven't checked) how can the system be aware a given user "owns" the $0 perpetual license being given out on this first official release? Not that I am complaining for getting Edge Animate free of charge, but I guess I understand what the user "SeriousNonsense" is trying to say when talking about being confused... perhaps that too is part of growing pains?


                                    I like free now and I commend Adobe for playing fair going with this "community thanking" edition but when time will come for the paid versions I'll love the "fair & yours no strings attached" (network kind of "strings" in this case ). Too bad we have to keep going there, but I guess pricing is also part of the whole picture and a delicate one judging from the old posts in the Edge forum... that's a "handle with care" topic which I hope will be sorted out properly to everyone's liking despite the unavoidable compromises that some of us will have to come to terms with since there isn't one size fits all as we all know even in the event that more than one "size" will be available.


                                    Keep up the great work everyone (marketing department included! ;D) and thanks for keeping the communication flowing!




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                                      Handycam Level 1

                                      I work for a company.  Cloud subscriptions make less sense to them than a flat price.  I would rather request them to purchase an app for $499 and be done with it, such as we have done with CS6 and After Effects.  I seriously hope Animate will be available as a "regular" product soon.

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                                        resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                                        I installed the app on 2 computers at home with the same subscription. So it is working on more than one computer


                                        I was just testing here because my install at worked failed. I will uninstall Edge on second home computer since I will not use it there but I am hoping to be able to install at work if my IT department finds out why it is not installing (error 60) see progress on this thread if your install fails too:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/4728743#4728743

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                                          Invisio Media

                                          Hmmm  wait a second.  English is not my first language so please bear with me.


                                          Thank you very much for giving us this great product for free.  I had faith that Adobe is still one company that respected the client and faithful consumers.  I was not wrong and I knew it!


                                          I was too, like resdesign if I remember correctly, subscribed to the thread "Adobe Cloud - bad idea" and was one furiously opposed to the cloud idea...  And very disappointed not to be able to own Edge.


                                          So my questions are:


                                          1- Is the Edge Animate free license only accessible through the Cloud subscription - meaning that since I am a package buyer (Production Premium, Web Premium), I will only be available to access my Edge Animate 1 license via a valid Cloud subscription?  Or will that license always be granted in "my Adobe" settings -the user control panel, not sure how you call it- along with my other packs?


                                          2 - When Edge 2 is released, how can we install or Edge 1 license in case of a computer crash, as previously asked?


                                          Thanks again, I was so happy when I've read that you were finally giving away - and selling as a standalone product!!!!  yeah!- Edge 1.  You guys are good : )

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                                            tfbkny Level 1

                                            Thanks for sharing your experience webcoderdesigner keep us posted on the progress... the 2 working installs it's already a partial good news




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                                              elainecc Adobe Employee

                                              Hi, folks-


                                              Just a clarification - it's available through the Cloud, but you do not have to be a paid member of the cloud to be able to purchase Edge Animate 1.0.  You will only need to be a registered member.





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                                                tfbkny Level 1

                                                That is clear indeed, thanks Elaine But are there limitations to install it to multiple computers (like my desktop and laptop which I don't use at the same time for obvious physical limitations ;P). The user "resdesign" got it on two computers so the answer may be yes, although looks like can't install on a work computer that (she mentioned error 60) and is reporting progress of that attempt on a separate thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4728743#4728743


                                                Thanks again for your awesome communication here Elaine and Sarah you are truly our darlings!

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                                                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                  No progress on the work computer. I am uninstalling on one computer at home since I really do not need two here. But I do need to have it working at work which is my main place of "action" .

                                                  I will keep everyone posted on the progress.

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                                                    Michaeltm Level 1

                                                    So in reading the faqs it seems that the first release is free but new releases will require users to be paid cloud subscribers.....seems like there will not be a product you can pay for and own it. Can you confirm this?


                                                    "After the free introductory offer ends, we anticipate that future versions of Edge Animate will be available to paid Creative Cloud members, as a perpetual license and as a monthly single product subscription."




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                                                      vividi Level 1

                                                      To Mark Anders,



                                                      I would really like to install Adobe Edge Animate but on reading the license agreement I see version 1.0 can only be used for home and evaluation purposes, it is not possible to use it for any commercial work.







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                                                        sarhunt Adobe Employee

                                                        Hey Vividi,


                                                        Do you mind pointing me in the direction of where you saw that? You can use Animate to create commercial content.




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                                                          vividi Level 1

                                                          To Sarhunt,



                                                          I read this within the TOC before anyone should Download Adobe Edge Animate.


                                                          2.1- - - Could someone at Adobe Clarify these Terms in the Adobe Software Agreement.







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                                                            webcoderdesigner Level 1

                                                            yeah elaine i could install more than 1

                                                            • 28. Re: Edge Animate Free Licence Question
                                                              elainecc Adobe Employee

                                                              Awesome - thanks for following up!



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                                                                sarhunt Adobe Employee

                                                                Hey Vividi,


                                                                2.1- - do not apply to Edge Animate 1.0 as our product is serialized through Creative Cloud. EA falls under, which doesn't restrict commercial. So please proceed to download in your workplace and make awesome things!


                                                                Hope that helps.


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                                                                  vividi Level 1

                                                                  To Sarah,hunt



                                                                  thanks for the quick reply to my concerns, I have downloaded the software and hope to make awesome things!







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                                                                    I teach a 7th and 8th grade computer graphics course and would LOVE to use Adobe Edge Animate. I own the CS5.5 creative suite and was able to download Adobe Edge for free. I want my students to learn this software in my classroom but I have no idea how to get a site license for Adobe Edge. I have called adobe directly and have been redirected to a non-profit Adobe distributor. They redirected me back to Adobe after saying a Cloud membership would only allow 2 installs. Anyone know how I can go about teaching this? (FYI my district doesn't have a budget allotted for this class so I have been teaching them with GIMP. I need to be creative and cheap)


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                                                                      John Hall Level 4

                                                                      Sarah and Mark,


                                                                      Just to clarify. After all of the discussion we've had on the forum about how much Edge would cost you are not charging? But some of us want to be charged so we feel like we're getting a real product. And then our companies don't feel like they really own the product and can download it again, so it's not as much fun as the old model where we could criticize Adobe for charging too much. Can't you charge us something outrageous so we can complain again? It doesn't feel right.


                                                                      I'm kidding, obviously. Thanks for making the tool available, at least through V1. It's really brought back my faith in Adobe after the Flex abandonment.

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                                                                        Rich, can you help me? I downloaded the 1.0 in August. Had computer problems, yada, yada. Lost a lot of stuff, it was my own fault. I came back to download the 1.0 again but was like days past the cutoff date. I was working on a project to try to convince my employer that migrating into the Cloud was a good thing. I did the 30 day trial but didn't get enough time to work on it. It of course expired. I called the support line and talked to Sales. He sent me to Tech Support and they sent me here (in a round-about sort of way). We've been with Adobe since they acquired Aldus. We're on CS4 now. Please, Please, can anyone help me get the 1.0 back???

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                                                                          sarhunt Adobe Employee

                                                                          Hi RJ,


                                                                          Animate is at 2.0, and we won't be making the 1.0 version available. As browsers evolve so does Animate to keep up, and you'd run into some compatability issues with content created in the 1.0 version.


                                                                          You can however download 1.5 with a free CC membership. 1.5 is still under the free tier whereas 2.x+ is paid.



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                                                                            RJ@TMS Level 1

                                                                            Dear sarhunt,


                                                                            If I said Thank You a hundred times . . .


                                                                            See, I’m an old timer working on reinventing myself. Been a graphic designer since 1975. Been using Adobe products since Aldus was your competitor. Been with Trident (not the gum) for over 20 years. They just hired a new guy that looks like he might be my replacement. I’ll admit, I’m a little worried.


                                                                            I’ve got at least two hours with Adobe Sales and Tech Support with no help. It finally occurred to me to get on the forums. Thank you for answering.


                                                                            Having EA is going to put some new shine on the whole kit and caboodle. The new guy doesn’t do web design or development.


                                                                            Ms. Hunt, I am indebted. If you’re ever in Asheville, NC, I’d be happy to buy you lunch.


                                                                            Thank you,

                                                                            Randy Juhl


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