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    Saved a 3D Design that Consistently Crashes Photoshop CS6

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      I was dabbling with a 3D version of my company logo that heads my home page, and ended up in a situation where things weren't working right, so I saved the design and closed Photoshop.


      Specifically, I had gotten to a point where I wanted to make part of the extruded text Bold Italic, so I pressed the Edit Source button and expected Photoshop to open the text smart object, where I could make that change.  I wouldn't do so, however.  It just sat there.  Surprisingly, I found I could still interact with Photoshop, so I saved the design.


      [[ image link removed, file was damaged ]]


      This image has Image Based Lighting, so it's rather large, but Adobe (or anyone else):