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    Video playback slacks, why can't i fix this?

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      Premiere CS6 pro, once a video is in it and pressed play it plays for about 2 seconds and then just lags out while the audio will still play fine the whole way through. I downloaded quicktime player, no hope, i upgraded to quicktime player pro, still nothing.


      Here's my specs of my laptop

      HP notebook G56 6.1.7600 build 7600

      My harddrive has 158GB free of 281GB

      AMD V140 processor, 2300 Mhz 1core(s), 1 logical processor.

      Graphics card, ATI mobility radeon HD 4200 series


      I've changed all graphics settings all the way to lower quality, better performance still no help.

      My memory on preferences says i have 2.7GB of installed ram, it won't let me remove any more than the 0.8GB of ram reserved for other applications leaving only 2GB for premiere pro, now is there a fix for this before i go out and waste money i don't have on more ram?


      I also updated the adobe programs i have with absolutely no success?


      Any help will be much appreciated