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    Open/save dialog boxes not working correctly.

    bizbeblu Level 1

      Environment: CS6 (PS 13.0.1) Mac OS X 10.7.5. Plenty of hardware. (Generally starting with .CR2 RAW.)


      Two open/save problems


      Recently (maybe since the 13.0.1 update??), I have been having problems with the open and save as dialog boxes.


      First. The open file dialog always defaults to Enable: blank (i.e. no file types enabled). Each time I have to  go to the bottom of the dropdown list and select "All readable documents" before I can open ANY type of file. I've searched in everyway I can think of looking for some method to have OPEN default to "all readable" but can't find anyway to do this. Anyone have a suggestion? I admit this is a nuisance more than anything, but when whipping around at deadline having to stop each time and make this change is irritating. No other program has this difficulty (including Illustrator and InDesign). PS5.5 did not exhibit this behavior on the same machine.


      Second. When I save as and try to select any file format, say going from psd to tiff, the format dropdown list ALWAYS selects the format ABOVE the one I choose. Example: If I select JPEG, PS tries to save as .iff. If I pull the selection down to JPEG2000 it will then save as standard JPEG. Again just an irritant but, tiff (which I need for several other programs) is last on the list thus there is no way I can go one below it to get tiff format selected. It always comes out as png. Also note that the Format selection indicates the correct format - in the case of tiff the dialog box shows TIFF selected, but the program is apending .png. (Continuing the save as (without altering my selection) always results in the incorrect format no matter what the Format dialog says in the save as operation.) Again, no other program I work with (including several Adobe products) exhibits this behavior.


      I seriously need to be able to save as tiff. Anyone with any thoughts on this?


      Thanks much,