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    Error Message:  Adobe Presenter has encountered an unexpected error when working with this pres...


      Suddenly, today, three of my colleagues around the US with Presenter 7 licenses can no longer save PowerPoint files or work with Presenter.  All of us successfully created courses last week.


      We all get the "unexpected error" message telling us to "Try saving your work to a new file and restarting PowerPoint.  If the problem persists, consult the Help menu item..."  We get the message even if all we do is type one word on a slide and try to save the file.


      We cannot open the Presenter Help menu... the same error message pops up.


      So now we cannot save a PowerPoint file.  We cannot save a Presenter file.  We cannot record or import audio in Presenter.  No matter what we click on the Presenter toolbar, we get the same error message.  Nothing is working.