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    specs for premiere cs6

    hayzensproductions Level 1

      the specs on the adobe page are way outdated, does anybody have any specs that are up to date?

      i'm an editor and motion designer, not a tech guy by any means and i really want to build a system that will sing.


      wilky black

      hayzen's productions

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          shooternz Level 6

          Suggest : Ask this in the Hardware Forum for some advice from the guys in the know about these things.

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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Take a look at sucessful benchmarked configurations on the PPBM5 Benchmark Results page.  Make sure you select and/or compare the same version of Premiere.

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              hayzensproductions Level 1

              thanks bill! that looks very intense. how can i buy a computer that will run adobe cs6 without any problems from a store or manufacture?

              meaning i do not want to have to build it myself.

              thanks for any help!

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                hayzensproductions Level 1

                will do shooterznz, thanks!

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  I had the same problem. I researched and came up with what I thought I wanted. Then I got lucky and my friends here on the forum pointed me to http://www.adkvideoediting.com/


                  Eric hangs out here - a lot - and I liked the way he answered questions, so we emailed back and forth and then got on the phone (after we had gotten pretty close to a proper configuration for me).


                  He challenged my assumptions, and we arrived at a system that I am quite pleased with. I am certain he would be happy to do the same for you.


                  Now, having said that, take Bill's suggestion and see what works. I am still number 3 on the list of systems using CS6. I bought a fast system, with lots of storage, a backup SSD just in case I needed to start over really fast, and a good video card that saved me enough money over the best video card - so I spent it on overclocking a little. Fast CPU and 32G of RAM allows me to walk into the kitchen to get a Coke and then continue on when I sit down again, instead of waiting for overnight renders.


                  In fact, I very seldom render anymore. Truly. But when I do it is fast.


                  I spent over $4K, and most people won't want to spend that much, but Eric can help you wisely spend the money you do have.


                  If you look at the PPBM5 results, and read through http://www.webvideoguys.com/DIY9.html to see their recommendations, then you can discuss it with Eric. Or, just tell him what you can spend and he will build you the best system he can for the money. ADK supports their systems, warranties them, etc. There are other system integrators, but I chose ADK and I am pleased with the results. ADK has a reputation to protect. I believe it is quite safe to name a price and let him suffer through the pains of figuring out how to get everything you need into that figure.


                  I believe that even a hobbyist should spend as much as possible to get speed and reliability. What fun is a hobby if you are waiting around for the PC to render or export?

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                    lasvideo Level 4

                    Hi Willy.  Like Steven I recently purchased a PC as well. Unlike him, I needed a machine that could handle ANYTHING a client might toss at me, from H.264 to Red, from broadcast motion graphics to large format signage.

                    I also did communicate with Eric who is extremely helpful. But I opted for buying a machine that is prevalent in the video industry, the HP Z820. I wanted a fast and durable tank of a machine that could hanlde large formats and work long hours. Thats why I opted for the top of the line Xeons.


                    Eric is great because he will help you evaluate your needed and make a suggestion based on that.


                    You maybe wondering why I didnt end up buying from ADK. I discovered that HP had a 5 year 24/7 repair service that could come to my edit bay to make repairs. Since deadlines and shipping can be a hassle, I opted for a machine that is certified by Adobe and has lots of users in the entertainment industry.


                    Tom Daigon