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    Isn't it kind of "wrong" that Premiere uses the _001 in the R3D path?


      Hi Folks

      I'm developing the workflow for a short I'm about to edit. I've been an FCP editor to date but am giving Premiere a shot this time. Premiere's ability to edit directly with raw files is tantalizing but I really like to edit anywhere with my laptop and putting 15 hrs of R3D dailies on a laptop external drive isn't going to happen.


      So I have my R3Ds logged in Premiere and now I want to do an offline. So I transcode my clips (using rcx) and I get files "properly" named things like A127_C009_0911J4.mov. HOWEVER - Premiere links to such a clip as A127_C009_0911J4_001.r3d. The _001 is, as most of you know, the first segment of the clip. But this is an implementation detail of how R3Ds are stored - it's not really the name of the clip - as rcx, RED's own tool, shows us.


      Why do I care? Again, many of you probably know. I can't easily relink my Premiere project to my new offlines because the names don't match. And if I do manage to relink them I'll have the same problem when trying to go back to the original media for the online.


      I have an easy workaround - rename all my offline files so they have the _001 at the end of them. But I shouldn't have to do this. Apparently the AfterEffects folks have encountered this problem and handled it in some way. Perhaps the Premiere folks can do likewise?