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    no adobe flash player


      wish i knew what i was doing wrong, but i cannot seem to load adobe flash layer even though it tells me the download was successful




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          pwillener Level 8

          What is your operating system & version?


          What is your web browser?


          You write "download was successful"; did you also install it?



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            rocnrobins Level 1

            hi pat

            my operating system is windows 7, i use internet exlorer 7 for my web browser. when i go thru the install process, i receive a screen message that says download was successful & to take a survey from adobe on how easy the download was. when i check my harddrive, there's no flash player installed. i finally got a version installed last night after using the run & save option as opposed to the run option when downloading, however while it shows up on my harddrive, it does not allow me to use it. i still get you need to download adobe flash player,

            i'm not even sure how it disapeared from my system, except i got an update message from adobe & it went down hill from there

            best regards