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    Basic help/advice needed for export


      I am trying to create a custom export of an .mp4 file. It contains an audio stream with a still image - Fades in from black - and fades out to black. I use this to upload into Ooyala who then create other versions for mobile devices.


      Audio stream is fine - the video stream is a jpg still image of a client banner with some text.


      The size of the file needs to be a 640 x 360 resolution. I have gone through and by trial and error created a sequence/project that can export to this size - but it appears very blurry during playback. The still image is pixellated after the fade in - and generally is just of low/poor quality -I have also tried this with a gif to the same result.


      I am here asking for someone to explain the correct way to set up a template for this. I am not entirely sure how the project/sequence settings work. I will be able to set up some kind of template as all my files will be created in this 640 x 360 sizing. Video will be a still image, audio will be conference call audio. I think i have something incorrect in the project/sequence settings.


      Also it may be in the export settings - the file should be <100MB.