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    Jagged Text/Images not working in high quality display


      I have CS4 suite of products.

      Windows 7

      Issue:  Text displays as jagged and images will not display in high quality.



      For a few years I've been using CS4 on a laptop running Vista.  It worked fine. Due to a failing hard drive, I had to switch to a newer laptop running Windows 7.  I installed CS4 products.  InDesign is the program with issues at this moment, and I installed all updates 6.0.1-6.0.6 for the program.  Text will not display crisply and any images, even when linked, even when high res, will not display as high quality.


      All this is happening with a previously created document and with any new documents.  To clarify, for the new documents, I can create a text box, type in it and it will be crisp.  Wait a few seconds or change pages or save and reopen and it will then become unclear.  The same holds true for images. I will place an image, change to high quality display, and it will be perfeclty fine for a few seconds then revert to what looks like typical, even though it is not.


      All will appear OK when exporting to a PDF, for instance.


      Why would text and images appear correctly and then not correctly??