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    Audio on .AVI Files Suddenly Stops Working


      I've started capturing some of my game playing using MSI Afterburner. Things have been going great over the last week. I would record a session, bring it into Premiere Pro CS5, edit the video, and export it with ease. (After a couple days of fiddling around)


      Fast forward to today and I do my same steps, except now when I add a captured video the audio wont play in the source, nor will it play in the sequence. In fact, the audio channel in the sequence doesnt even show up. The audio levels dont even move.

      I can add exported media from previously finished videos and the audio works fine. I can record my own vocals and the audio works fine.  When I load up past projects, after re-connecting the media, I get the message, "Audio does not match the connected media's format."

      Here is what the file properties look like.

      Here is what my Premiere layout looks like with the audio channel not being recongnized. (Its kinda messy because I've been reorganized things to see if different things work + only using one monitor.)


      What I've tried:

      1. Messing around with my Audio preferences in Premiere Pro CS5 and Windows 7 64-bit control panel.

      2. Updating my audio drivers

      3. Re-installing Premiere Pro CS5

      4. Changing the audio tracks to mono,stereo, and 5.1 - still nothing showed up.



      What happened before this started occuring:

      This weekened I picked up a new external HDD to store the video captures on. During this time I organized other hard drivers, but nothing on my main system install/Adobe install drive. I deleted some unknown files on a drive that wasnt used anymore. A part of me is worried I deleted some stray audio/video codecs that Premiere Pro CS5 might have been using to play these files. Is that even possible? Would that matter?


      Right now im re-installing Afterburner.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you,