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    AIR HTML with multiple cookies?

    Santanu Karar Level 1

      What I'm doing in my application is, we need to open multiple AIR windows with different login credentials which connects to an online web application, but the authentications of different logins should sustain in those opened windows.


      In my application I'm opening multliple <s:Window> with <mx:HTML> within it. The <s:Window> instances are created individually for each of the logins (so the HTML component inside it too). The <mx:HTML> window connects to a same web application path but with each different login credentials. Initially these seems works fine, the Window opens, connects to the application, get logged-in, shows different login vaalues in each s:Window. But what we've noticed that the last opened login only active with the server communicateion; the previously opened logins/windows not working anymore back with the server - they've seem lost their own login cookies.


      This is almost like you can not open multiple login in a same browser's multiple tab at a time. But here we opening the different <s:Window>, <mx:HTML> instances, but the cookies seems passing through each of the html instances internally, so no individual HTML cookies instance.


      Is there anyway that the mx:HTML component holds and preserve their own session cookies?


      I've tried the following things, but no use..


        var ur : URLRequest = new URLRequest( "https://applicationDomain.com/Application.html" );

                                              ur.manageCookies = true|false;

        ur.useCache = true|false;

                                              htmlMe.htmlLoader.load( ur );


      Any help would be great.