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    (EDIT DESCRIPTION) Can´t aktivate my Tablet PC




      i got this Problem:


      You can get an activation error if you are trying to run the software on too many computers. Try deactivating the software on a computer that you no longer need to run the software on. See: How can I deactivate Adobe software?


      You may receive an activation error if your computer has changed recently. You can't solve this problem on your own, if you've done one of the following:


      • Made changes to your computer due to a crash
        • Upgraded your computer hardware
        • Replaced a hard drive
        • Upgraded the Operating System
      • Gotten a new computer and old computer is unavailable



      I got a new Smartphone i did a lot of test´s and changed the ROM´s until i get the best one.

      So i Installed every time all Apps again to test how´s the behavier under the seperate ROM´s.


      What i think to understand now is, that every time is reset the phone and install a new rom, adobe thinks this is a new phone/computer and i´ve "done a new registration". But it was always the same Phone.


      Now i can´t aktivate my AdobeID on my new Tablet and also on my Phone, after i Installed a new Rom again.

      What can i do? When i create a new Adobe id, i can´t acces my old books from pubbles because they are registered to the old id.


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