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    administrator role has become inactive


      I set up a Contribute connection to a website ( www.marionhusband.com) for the first time last year, and it all went fine - my client and I used it a good few times, no issues.I've come back to it this year to check on something, and it looks like I've been locked out. The message is: "Access Denied. The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem." (BTW the index file to this site exists - no probs with the site)

      On exit from "My Connections" there is a second error message "Your current role is no longer available. Contribute will automatically fix this problem"

      Problem is not fixed - I have no access to the site via what I thought was a good connection.

      OK. What's changed? I've had my computer revamped, and the address of the local root folder has been changed. And I'm having an issue in DW because of this. But could this cause a problem with the Contribute connection? Or is there some other thing I haven't done to maintain the connection?

      Hoping someone can shed some light on this issue - thanks in advance