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    Problem with printing HTML container

      Hi all,
      I am having a problem with FlexPrintJob (or PrintJob) for the mx.controls.HTML container. On print i receive only one page (only the visible area) of my HTML container. How can i print multiple pages from mx.controls.HTML?

      Please Help!!!
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          And here we have the problems with Adobe's take on printing. It would be much easier for every developer, if they could say "HTMLContainer.print()" and have it print all of the text contained in the html container, maybe even with integrated use of CSS print stylesheets...

          But, for the time being, the easiest method is to break all of the text out into a second invisible (alpha = 0 NOT visible=false) html container that is sized to the dimensions of your page. Then you call addPage, scroll the container exactly 1 page, and call addPage again, repeating until you reach the end of your content. This method of printing is necessary for people developing an image builder, that want to make multi-sheet prints. But people who are writing RIA's have the need to make multi-sheet prints of TEXT that is not in a datagrid on a regular basis. This is a SERIOUS limitation, and should have been taken care of prior to the release of AIR 1.0
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            Can any one help me?